Membership fees and income

Skolekorpset Sola

For hovedkorps and juniorkorps, the membership fee is kr 1950,- per semester.

For aspirant, the membership fee is kr 1500,- per semester.

Hovedkorps musicians that are not enrolled in the Kulturskole pay kr 750,- per semester. 

Invoices for the membership fee are sent two times each year from the korps.

75% of this amount goes to Sola Kulturskole to cover:

  • salary for instructors for individual/group lessons
  • korps practice with the conductor

The remaining 25% of the membership fee, supplemented with Income from dugnads, paid performances, and grants, covers:

  • Innkjøp av instrumenter og required equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of instruments
  • Conductor fees and concert expenses
  • Seminars with instruktører, inkluding food and overnighting expenses
  • Membership i Norges Musikkorps Forbund
  • Entry fees for competitions (Rogalandsmesterskapet and Stavanger Open)
  • Sheetmusic

Korps musicians pay for the following:

  • Music stand (can be purchased through the korps for ca. kr 300,-.)
  • Music books used by Kulturskolen. (prices can vary)
  • One-time rental fee for the uniform kr 300,- (hovedkorpset)
  • Summer tour

Other income

The membership fee is the primary Income for the korps.  We actively seek other Sources of Income, and you can help!

  • If you bet with Norsk Tipping, give Grasrotandelen to Skolekorpset Sola
  • Sponsoring - do have contacts?
  • Do you know of any possibilities to apply for grants?
  • Other ideas?
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Membership fees and income